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PFG-1632AH Hydraulic Surface Grinder

PFG-1632AH Hydraulic Surface Grinder

Saddle type surface grinder with longitudinal by hydraulic, cross feed by solid state relay, and vertical feed by manual. Optional auto downfeed system with elevating micro-feed motor is available.

– Meehanite casting of base, column, saddle, and table with outstanding structure designed and through internal stress elimination to ensure greater rigidity, accuracy, and stability
– Precision spindle with P4 precision angular contact bearings and cartridge design that is completely sealed and lubricated to ensure high accuracy, durability, and superior surface finish
– Hydraulic driven longitudinal table movement
– Longitudinal and cross slideways are coated with Turcite-B to provide stable movement and superior accuracy. It’s specially designed to maintain long life span
– Cross feed control unit consists of a solid state relay which is designed to ensure a long service life
– Automatic lubrication to all slide ways when hydraulic switch is “On”
– Optional automatic down feed with elevating micro-feed motor and intuitive control panel to add more convenience to grinding operations

Model: PFG-1632AH
Type: Hydraulic Surface Grinder
Table size: 16″ x 32″
Max. table travel: 18″ x 34″
Max. surface ground: 16″ x 32″
Max. distance from spindle center to table: 22″
Chuck size: 16″ x 32″ (Electromagnetic chuck)
Table speed: 200″ ~ 1,000″ / min
Table slideway: V & Flat Turcite Way
Auto cross feed increment: 0.004″ ~ 0.8″
Power cross feed: 44″ / min
Cross handwheel feed per graduation: 0.001″
Cross handwheel feed per revolution: 0.2″
Rapid power head elevation: 13″ / min (Auto down feed model)
Auto down feed (including rapid): 0.0001″ ~ 0.0999″ / Time (Auto down feed model)
Vertical handwheel feed per graduation: 0.0001″
Vertical handwheel feed per revolution: 0.05″
Max. wheel size (O.D. x T x I.D.): 14″ x 2″ x 5″
Spindle wheel speed: 1,750 rpm
Spindle drive motor: 5 HP
Hydraulic pump motor: 2 HP
Auto cross feed motor: 1/5 HP
Rapid head elevation motor: 1/5 HP (Auto down feed model)
Coolant pump motor: 1/8 HP
Shipping dimensions (LxWxH): 90″ x 90″ x 85″
Net weight (Approx.): 5,830 lb.
Gross weight (Approx.): 6,380 lb.

–  Grinding wheel
–  Wheel flange
–  Flange extractor
–  Wheel balancing arbor and base
–  Wheel dresser with diamond
–  Leveling screws and pads
–  Halogen work light

– Electromagnetic chuck
– Auto demagnetizer for chuck
– Parallel dresser (manual)
– Coolant system