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GRANDER 5Ax Series

GRANDER 5Ax Series

Moving Column Type 5-axis Machining Center
(Swivel head B-axis & rotary table C-axis)
HORNET Series machine is optimized for structural rigidity and high dynamic performance. The Z-ax wagon adopts a box frame structure and wide-span roller rails, which ensures proper stability and excellent accuracy under high speed or heavy-duty cuttings.


X travelmm3000
Y travelmm1000
Z travelmm1000
Table sizemm3280×1065
Spindle nose to table surface (Vertical)mm100 – 1100
T-Slot ( number × width × pitch )7×18mm x130mm + 2x18mmx90mm

Swing Head

Swing Angledeg.±95°
Rapid feederatedeg./sec120°
Positioning accuracydeg.0.002°
Max working torqueNm450 (S3) /630 (S6)
Clamping torqueNm2000

Built-in spindle

Spindle taperHSK-A63
Spindle powerkW26/32 (S1/S6-40%)
Spindle speedmin-110000
Max spindle tourqueNm120/170 (S1/S6-40%)


Rapid feed X/Y/Z axism/min30
Cutting feedratemm/min1-10000
Axial ball screw diameter & pitchX/Y/Z : 63/50/50, P20/20/20

Rotary Table (C -axis)


Table diametermm640

Centering hole diameter


Max work loadkg1000
Rotation rangedeg.



Max rotary feedmin-1130
Positioning accuracydeg.±0.0015°
Work torqueNm530/980 (normal/peak)
Clamping torqueNm2500


Magazine capacitypcs32
Max. tool diameter / no adjacent toolmm80 / 120
Max. tool lengthmm300
Max. tool weightkg8
Tool change timesec10 (tool to tool)
Pneumatic pressure requirement6kg/cm²
Machine size (Length ×Wide × Height)mm7650x4150x3320
Machine weightkg25000
Standard AccessoriesOption AccessoriesController Option
1. Arm type 32 tools1. 4th axis rotary table1. SIEMENS 840DSL
2. 3 axis linear scales2. Coolant through spindle2. HEIDENHAIN TNC 640
3. Spindle cooler3. Arm type 40/48 tools3. FANUC
4. Coolant system4. Spindle speed 12000/15000 rpm4. FAGOR
5. 3 axis automatic lubrication system5. Auto tool length measurement device
6. Electric control box with airconditioner6. Auto work piece measurement device
7. Work lamp
8. Adjust tool and tool box
9. Warning lamp
10. M30 auto power off function
11. Leveling device
12. Operation manual
13. Chain type chip conveyor
Standard Feature Optional Feature Controller Option
  • ATC 32 tools
  • Coolant system
  • Auto. lubrication system
  • Work lamp
  • Spindle air blast
  • Work air blast
  • Auto. power off (M30)
  • RS-232 interface
  • Electrical cabinet air conditioner
  • Leveling bolts & pads
  • Adjust tools & tool box
  • Rigid tapping
  • Spindle oil cooler
  • Chain type chip conveyor & cart
  • Dual spiral chip conveyor in X-axis
  • 3-Axes optical scale
  • High torque 4-ax milling head
  • Universal milling head
  • Arm type 60T ATC system
  • Auto. tool presetter
  • Auto. work piece measuring device
  • Coolant through tool holder
  • CE Regulation
  • W-ax travel:800/1500mm
  • Coolant through spindle
  • Siemens 840D SL
  • Heidenhain iTNC 640